Guns in the Workplace

Guns in the Workplace Cover

Guns in the Workplace

A Manual for Private Sector Employers and Employees

By Chuck Klein; William M. Gustavson, Esq. (Editor)

Merril Press, Paperback, 9780936783499, 120pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2010

The book is the only legal reference manual that covers the issue of guns in the workplace in full detail. It includes legal policies, disciplinary procedures, crisis control, no firearms policies, court tests, use of lethal force, self-defense and practical applications.

About the Author
Chuck Klein, Author Chuck's writing career began with publication of Instinct Combat Shooting, Defensive Handgunning for Police, a concept he pioneered while a police officer. The book, in its third edition, has been in continuous print since 1986. In the car world, he is best known for the coming-of-age novel, Circa 1957, now in its 2nd edition. He has authored a dozen published books and has written hundreds of articles and columns for local as well as national periodicals. In addition to duties as a full-time certified law enforcement officer for Woodlawn and Terrace Park, Ohio, Klein also served with the Switzerland County, Indiana Sheriff's office, was police photography instructor for the Norwood, Ohio Police Academy and a staff instructor for Tactical Defense Institute. Though not an attorney, he holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Blackstone School of Law and is an active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI). Jack Pumphrey, Artist/Illustrator Jack, a U.S. Air Force veteran (Strategic Air Command), served in Spain as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist during the early Cold War years. After paying his dues in the sales world for Addresso-graph-Multigraph Corporation he found his niche by demonstrating the capabilities of the 1250's by running off copies of his ink sketches of boats at Fisherman's wharf and other scenery around San Francisco. In 1989 he struck out on his own as an independent graphics artist: Harbor Graphics & Design located in Gig Harbor, WA. He sold the business in 1998 and moved to Las Cruces, NM where he started Jack Pumphrey Arts. Working nationally with customers, prospects and referrals as a fine art watercolorist he honed his talents by doing commissions of classic cars and fine yacht. Utilizing his background in the printing industry, he created a line of Cruz'n Cards, note cards & posters, calendars, and presentation folders. Examples of his work and contact information may be found on his web site: