Got Sun? Go Solar

Got Sun? Go Solar

Get Free Renewable Energy to Power Your Grid-Tied Home

By Rex A. Ewing; Doug Pratt

Pixyjack Press, Paperback, 9780965809870, 159pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2005

Are you connected to the grid, but want to reduce or even eliminate your electric bills with free energy from the sun and wind? From the sun-soaked Southwest to windy North Dakota to the hurricane-prone Southeast, homeowners are discovering renewable energy. Now with rebates and incentives from most states, installing a solar/wind system is an economically-attractive and environmentally-responsible option. Do it for your checkbook, or for independence from blackouts. Or do it just because you want to help the environment. You'll be glad you did. * Why invest in renewable energy for your home? * Is it legal and safe? * How solar electricity works * Batteries or not? * Sizing your system * Got Wind? * What does it cost? * Any financial help out there? * Permits & Paperwork * The Nuts & Bolts: what to look for, what to avoid * Who does the installation? * Appendix: manufacturers, web resources, state energy offices, sizing worksheets, etc