Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin Cover

Merv Griffin

A Life in the Closet

By Darwin Porter

Blood Moon Productions, Hardcover, 9780978646509, 525pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2009

This unauthorized biography of the man who would rewrite the rules of America's broadcasting industry illustrates how Merv Griffin became the richest man in television, befriended everyone who mattered, and maintained a secret life as a closeted homosexual.

About the Author
Darwin Porter is a sensationalist, award-winning Hollywood biographer and columnist known for a backlist of around 40 books that focus on little-known aspects of American politics and/or entertainment. Some of his source material derives from transcription of oral dialogues from living witnesses of not-widely-publicized events and relationships collected during the course of his long and eventful life, many of them never published before in any other source. He is assisted in many of his writing efforts by Danforth Prince, President of Blood Moon Productions.