The Collectibles

The Collectibles

By James Kaufman

Downstream Publishing, LLC, Hardcover, 9780982587317, 310pp.

Publication Date: November 30, 2010

Do what the other fella can't. Be what the other fella ain't. And then help the other fella. Joe Hart has never let go of his uncle's words. An orphan from the unspoiled Adirondack mountains, Joe leaves his humble beginnings and goes on to distinguish himself, first as a Navy submarine commander, then as an attorney unequaled in his field. But Joe's world crashes with an unexpected tragedy. A child of wealth and privilege from New York's Upper East Side, Preston Wilson harbors a fear of financial failure. When that fear threatens to become reality, Preston tracks down the one attorney who might be ableto save him. Joe reluctantly decides to help--but only after extracting a promise that Preston will fulfill and unspecified condition when called upon. Preston, desperate, agrees. Too soon, Joe calls in his unconventional IOU. The self-absorbed Preston balks when Joe tells him he must meet, earn the trust of and care for several people. Each of Joe's collectibles--none of whom Preston would ever want to know--has a serious personal challenge. Can Preston find the integrity to make good on his promise to Joe? Does he have a choice?

About the Author
As a novelist, Mr. Kaufman, a former attorney and judge, draws heavily upon his experiences in law, his dealings in the business world, and his interactions with people from widely different backgrounds. He and his wife make their home in Wilmington, North Carolina.