By Nancy Alonso; Sara E. Cooper (Editor); Morante (Illustrator)

Cubanabooks, Paperback, 9780982786017, 169pp.

Publication Date: February 3, 2012

Fiction. Latino/Latina Studies. Women's Studies. LGBT Studies. Translated from the Spanish by Anne Fountain. A bilingual edition of short fiction, DISCONNECT/ DESENCUENTRO explores sexuality, morality, and coincidence in present day Cuba. Irony and subtle humor permeate these stories, each with an internal disconnect of one type or another, prompting us to laugh at the inherent contradictions of life itself. Consistently characteristic of Alonso's fiction is her creation of everyday scenes and dialogues that are universally understood yet deeply rooted in Cuban reality and Ethiopia, where Alonso was stationed. She is a masterful observer of human foibles, revealing missteps and hypocrisy with a sure touch and letting her readers discover the many ways that people connect and disconnect with the world around them.

About the Author
Nancy Alonso (Havana 1949) received her degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Havana in 1972. She served as a professor and researcher at the Medical School of Havana for more than twenty years, two of which were spent as an international partner at the Jimma Institute of Health Sciences in Ethiopia. Currently she works for Bolo a Press, in the Office of the Havana Historian. She has published three volumes of short stories: Tirar la primera piedra, Cerrado por reparaci n, (translated into English by Anne Fountain as Closed for Repairs) and Desencuentro. Some of her works appear in anthologies in Cuba as well as the United States and Europe. She is the editor, along with Grisel Terr n, of Epistolario de Emilio Roig (Collected Epistolary of Emilio Roig), Havana's first official historian. Forthcoming is a volume co-authored with Mirta Y ez titled "Damas de Social: Intelectuales cubanas en la revista Social" (Social Ladies: Cuban Intellectuals in Social Magazine).