Tree Whispering

A Nature Lover's Guide to Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants, and All of Nature

By Jim Conroy PhD; Basia Alexander
(Plant Kingdom Communications, Paperback, 9780983411406, 288pp.)

Publication Date: October 2011

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Tree Whispering: A Nature Lover’s Guide to Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants, and all of Nature offers a simple yet profound and inspiring experience of communicating with Green Beings. It guides readers–step-by-step and with stories–through conscious practices to come from trees’ and plants’ point of view. It provides useful bioenergy healing techniques and respectful approaches for rejuvenating tree and plant health from the inside-out while awakening spiritual upliftment. By adopting a wise worldview–moving away from human-centric attitudes and moving toward cooperation, partnership, and co-creativity with all of Nature–readers will celebrate their strengthened connections to Nature’s Beings.

Whispering with trees, plants, and all of Nature’s Beings opens up possibilities:

• For People, a heart-warming experience, reconnection to the sacredness of Life, validation, expansion of intuition and well-being, a shift in thoughts and actions.  

• For Nature, vigorous growth for trees and plants, balanced and sustainable ecosystems, and harmonious co-existence among trees, plants, bees, insects, diseases, and related organisms–including people. It’s a peace treaty!

• For Earth, reconstitution of dynamic balance on a large scale.

On their next walk in the woods, the possibility exists of readers sensing the quiet underneath the quiet.

The trees are waiting for readers to communicate with them!

About the Author

Jim Conroy, Ph.D., The Tree Whisperer®, earned his doctorate in Plant Pathology from Purdue University and spent 25 years as an executive in top ag-chem companies. Now, he is an authority on Nature-based communication and a global expert who holistically heals stressed trees, plants, and ecosystems with his own bioenergy-healing approach. As creator of Tree Whispering®–a holistic, hands-on, earth-friendly, no-product, and sustainable solution–he shows people how to restore tree and plant health by healing internal functionality. Teaching globally, Dr. Jim is also on faculty at Omega Institute. As co-founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance, he is dedicated to bringing the principles and practices of co-existence with all of Nature’s Beings into people’s daily lives.,, and

Basia Alexander, The Chief Listener, is a catalyst for positive change and a leader in the new field of Conscious
Co-Creativity. As an expert Nature communicator, Basia leads workshops and produces innovative curriculum. She is also an educator at the Omega Institute. Basia has led and supported environmental outreach efforts and writes on topics of health, personal transformation, creativity, and spirituality. As co-founder of the Institute for Cooperative BioBalance, she directs its educational and philanthropic initiatives.

Praise For Tree Whispering

Endorsements: Dorothy Maclean, Founder of Findhorn Garden and Community in Scotland.

The subtitle of  Tree Whispering  tells the reader exactly what is in this concise and brilliant guide:  Touching, Healing, and Communicating with Trees, Plants and All of Nature.  Compilations of stories, teachings, guides, exercises and information by both renowned Tree Whisperer Dr. Jim Conroy and Chief Listener Basia Alexander lead us through basic knowledge of how any living being can be communicated with.  Their conversational style of writing drew me in and I felt as though I was in a workshop with them while gleaning valuable information to add to my own knowledge and take my whispering  to a higher level.      I encourage you, if you aren t already, to reconnect to the sacredness of Nature.   Tree Whispering  will help you do so, whether you are just embarking on this quest or have been communicating already; in both cases this book is highly recommended to take you to a higher level of consciousness and communication.  I ve communicated with animals and nature for decades, listening to their voices.  For me, reading   Tree Whispering  confirmed that, yes, we as human

beings can hear and respond to any living organism in this world, and probably beyond. I resonated with Dr. Jim Conroy when he said  For years, I have been listening to trees and plants, learning how to come from their points of view.  To do that, I have had to check my ego at the door.  In other words, I have had to set aside my own personal point of view.  I have learned to ask the plants and trees what is best for them and to have humility in doing so.   But, there is more.  We also have to be open to listen to what they have to say, what their needs are, and how we can help them. For those that are just embarking on tree whispering, the authors give simple but powerful and effective exercises.  Through these potent exercises we, as human beings, if open and receptive, can successfully communicate with any living life form.  The Five Heralds presented are: BE the tree; ASK the tree; HEAL the tree; SAVE the tree; and, LOVE the tree. To me, this is no different than communicating with our own species:  other human beings. And, Nature wants to be our partner.  You can probably tell by now I m thoroughly enamored with  Tree Whispering. I can't imagine anyone not being so as well, especially if they are connected to Nature, or even have an inkling they may be. It is our birthright to treat Mother Earth s offspring with care and love; it is the only way we can save our planet from destruction.   

-Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views

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