The Death of Soc Smith

The Death of Soc Smith

By Jerome Arthur

Jerome Arthur, Paperback, 9780984299065, 144pp.

Publication Date: May 28, 2011

Soc Smith's life gets complicated when he wakes up one Saturday morning to find his own name on the obituary page of the local newspaper. Things really get strange when a death certificate, addressed to his wife Jayne, arrives in the mail that afternoon. The question is, can he surf his way back to life?

Praise For The Death of Soc Smith
“So good it doesn't seem like fiction… the writer leaves the reader feeling grateful for putting his perception into words…I finished the book wanting to be Soc Smith.” --Deborah Lane, Editor, 831-Dignity

“A real breakthrough…moves forward with a confident pace…gives the reader something to mull over without too much unnecessary direction…has an economy of style.” --Don Rothman, Director Emeritus, Central California Writing Project, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Wow…this is one of the best by Mister Arthur…very impressive…I read half the book in just a few hours….” --Jim Mullen, Graphic Designer