Thirteen Fugues

Thirteen Fugues

By Jennifer Natalya Fink

Dark Coast Press, Paperback, 9780984428816, 115pp.

Publication Date: May 3, 2011


Tanya Irene Schwartz narrates her hilarious and conflicting desires through the musical and psychological structure of the fugue. Jewish law, world records, 9/11, Barbies, Viagra, sex, and sisters: these are the surprising sites of Tanya's transformation from girl to woman. These short, intertwined stories explore religion, sex, and school, capturing the cadences and rhythms that mark our journey from adolescence to adulthood. Tanya’s vivid, humorous voice grants us a rare but strangely familiar view of what happens when we almost touch the divine.

About the Author
Dr. Jennifer Natalya Fink is a professor of English at Georgetown University. She has authored two novels, V and Burn, both published by Suspect Thoughts Press. She is mother to a gorgeous and hilarious baby girl and is at work on her third novel, Brill. Jennifer and her family live in the DC area.

Praise For Thirteen Fugues

Beautiful, dirty, spooky and sensitive in all the ways a girl can be these things: that’s this book. Thirteen Fugues is a lush, perverse enchantment, a creepy-pretty suburban fairy tale, all commonplace innocence and surreal hints and twists. Like peeking through a neighbor’s basement window, you can’t turn away from what you spy.

--Michelle Tea, award-winning author of Valencia and Rose of No Man's Land