Murder Takes Time

Murder Takes Time Cover

Murder Takes Time

Friendship & Honor Series, Book One

By Giacomo Giammatteo

Inferno Publishing Company, Paperback, 9780985030209, 438pp.

Publication Date: April 12, 2012

About the Author
I live in Texas now, but I grew up in Cleland Heights, a mixed ethnic neighborhood in Wilmington, Delaware that sat on the fringes of the Italian, Irish and Polish neighborhoods. The main characters of Murder Takes Time grew up in Cleland Heights and many of the scenes in the book were taken from real-life experiences. Somehow I survived the transition to adulthood, but when my kids were young I leftthe Northeast and settled in Texas, where my wife suggested we get a few animals. I should have known better; we now have a full-blown animal sanctuary with rescues fromall over. At last count we had 41 animals-12 dogs, a horse, a three-legged cat and 26 pigs. Oh, and one crazy-and very large-wild boar, who takes walks with me every day and happens to also be my best buddy. Since this is a bio some of you might wonder what I do. By day I am a headhunter, scouring the country for top talent to fill jobs in the biotech and medical device industry. In the evening I help my wife tend the animals, and at night-late at night-I turn into awriter. Go check out the website: Lookaround, click some links, and, if you've got time, tell me what you think. Contact me at"