English for the Real World

English for the Real World Cover

English for the Real World

Level: Intermediate, for Speakers of Any Language [With CDROM and Paperback Book]

By Living Language

Living Language, Compact Disc, 9781400006038, 224pp.

Publication Date: September 8, 2009

Reach your life goals with English for the Real World. Learn English now.
English for the Real World teaches English as it's really spoken in practical situations and day-to-day life. This language course includes a book and three 60-minute CDs that work together to boost conversational speech and listening comprehension skills. The book features realistic English dialogues, thorough explanations of English grammar that go beyond the basics, and English vocabulary sections that include the most commonly used idiomatic expressions. Plenty of exercises, both in the book and on the recordings, will help you improve your English today.
English for the Real World also includes a flashcard CD-ROM that gives you the chance to learn and practice common idiomatic expressions a multi-media approach to English language practice that improves retention.