Vintage Nabokov

Vintage Nabokov Cover

Vintage Nabokov

By Vladimir Nabokov

Vintage, Paperback, 9781400034017, 208pp.

Publication Date: January 6, 2004

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It was Nabokov's gift to bring paradise wherever he alighted. John Updike, "The New York Review of Books
"Novelist, poet, critic, translator, and, above all, a peerless imaginer, Vladimir Nabokov was arguably the most dazzling prose stylist of the twentieth century. In novels like Lolita," "Pale Fire," "and Ada, or Ardor, he turned language into an instrument of ecstasy.
Vintage Nabokov" "includes sections 1-10 of his most famous and controversial novel, Lolita; the stories The Return of Chorb, The Aurelian, A Forgotten Poet, Time and Ebb, Signs and Symbols, The Vane Sisters, and Lance;" "and chapter 12 from his memoir Speak, Memory.