Memoirs of a Muse

Memoirs of a Muse Cover

Memoirs of a Muse

By Lara Vapnyar

Vintage Books USA, Paperback, 9781400077007, 212pp.

Publication Date: April 10, 2007

Tanya is a typical teenager living with her bookish professor mother in a cramped Soviet apartment. She is obsessed with Dostoyevksy, and noticing that he always portrays his mistress and muse in his novels never his wife she determines to become a companion to a great writer. Her opportunity comes when, as a college graduate newly emigrated to America, she attends a Manhattan bookstore reading by Mark Schneider, a Significant New York Novelist. Tanya quickly moves in with Mark, ready to dazzle in bed, to serve and inspire . . . if only he would spend a little more time writing. But as she struggles to better understand her role as Muse, Tanya also learns more than she expected about the destiny she has imagined for herself.
A touching and very funny novel in the great tradition of Russian realism, "Memoirs of a Muse "is also a lively meditation on the mysteries and absurdities of artistic inspiration.

About the Author
Lara Vapnyar moved from Moscow to Brooklyn in 1994. Knowing very little English, she quickly picked up the language and soon began writing in it. She is the author of two story collections, "There are Jews in My House" and "Broccoli and Other Tales of Food and Love", and a novel, "Memoirs of a Muse". She lives in New York City with her family.

Praise For Memoirs of a Muse

“A smart, fetching comic novel that has its heart in the Russian masters and its attitude in modern New York. . . . Full of generous intelligence.”—The Boston Globe“So good, so consistently fresh, funny and surprising, that every sentence is a pleasure” —San Francisco Chronicle"[C]ringingly funny. . . . A captivating literary fairy tale gone awry." —The Miami Herald“Beautifully observant and funny. . . . It's already easy to identify that Vapnyar touch, and to fall under its spell.”—Entertainment Weekly