Here Is Where We Meet

Here Is Where We Meet Cover

Here Is Where We Meet

By John Berger

Vintage Books USA, Paperback, 9781400079339, 237pp.

Publication Date: August 8, 2006

One of the most widely admired writers of our time returns us to the captivating play and narrative allure of his previous novels-"G. "and "To the Wedding "among them-with a shimmering fiction drawn from chapters of his own life.One hot afternoon in Lisbon, the narrator finds his long-dead mother seated on a park bench. "The dead don't stay where they are buried," she tells him. And so begins a remarkable odyssey, told in simple yet gorgeous prose, that carries us from the London Blitz in 1943, to a Polish market, to a Paleolithic cave, to the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. "Here Is Where We Meet "is a unique literary journey that moves freely through time and space but never loses its foothold in the sensuous present.

About the Author
John Berger is a novelist, storyteller, poet, screenwriter, and art critic. His previous books include the "Into Their Labours "trilogy ("Pig Earth, Once in Europa, "and "Lilac and Flag"), "About Looking, "and "Ways of Seeing "(all available in paperback from Vintage Books). He was awarded the Booker Prize for "G. "and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Lannan Foundation. Born in England, he has for many years lived in a small rural community in France.

Praise For Here Is Where We Meet

"A work of narrative art that is a fusion of all the forms he has mastered. . . . Berger once again is our guide to being truly present in life." –The Seattle Times & Post-Intelligencer

"A wonderful memoir/meditation/fiction, a vehemently personal sojourn through space and time that is almost as beautifully unclassifiable as Calvino's Invisible Cities." Buffalo News

"Either an autobiographical fiction, a fictional autobiography, or maybe a hybrid of breviary, consecration, and ancestor worship; in any case, quite brilliant." –Harper's

" Berger unpacks a lifetime of living and dreaming into a series of inventive travelogues. . . . This is writing as art and armchair travel for those who love to get lost in the moment." –Kansas City Star

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