Absolute All-Star Superman

Absolute All-Star Superman Cover

Absolute All-Star Superman

By Grant Morrison; Frank Quitely (Illustrator); Neal Adams (Illustrator)

DC Comics, Hardcover, 9781401229177, 320pp.

Publication Date: November 9, 2010

Witness the Man of Steel in exciting new adventures featuring Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Bizarro, and more The Man of Steel goes toe-to-toe with Bizarro, his oddball twin, and the new character Zibarro, also from the Bizarro planet. And Superman faces the final revenge of Lex Luthor - in the form of his own death Writer Grant Morrison teams with artist Frank Quitely on this spectacular reimagining of the Superman mythos, from The Man of Steel's origin to his greatest foes and beyond.

About the Author
Grant Morrison has authored too many bestselling graphic novels to count. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Doom Patrol, Animal Farm, Flex Mentallo and the Invisibles are just a few of the books with which Morrison has established himself as one of the modern masters of the medium.

Written by John Wagner, Robbie Morriso

Born on June 15, 1941 in New York City, Neal Adams joined DC Comics in 1965, where he quickly became a top cover artist. His first interior work was done for DC's war titles, but it was his celebrated run on DEAD-MAN that established his reputation as a creative force. That reputation was cemented in the early 1970s with a series of collaborations between Adams, writer Dennis O'Neil and inker Dick Giordano starring Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow. These stories broke new ground for mainstream comics and attracted major (and overwhelmingly positive) national media attention to the art form.