Death by Design

Death by Design Cover

Death by Design

By Chip Kidd; Dave Taylor (Illustrator)

DC Comics, Hardcover, 9781401234539, 112pp.

Publication Date: June 5, 2012

A "New York Times" Bestseller
A June 2012 Amazon Best Book of the Month
In this new original graphic novel from superstar writer/designer Chip Kidd and artist Dave Taylor, Gotham City is undergoing one of the most expansive construction booms in its history. The most prestigious architects from across the globe have buildings in various phases of completion all over town. As chairman of the Gotham Landmarks Commission, Bruce Wayne has been a key part of this boom, which signals a golden age of architectural ingenuity for the city. And then, the explosions begin. All manner of design-related malfunctions faulty crane calculations, sturdy materials suddently collapsing, software glitches, walkways giving way and much more cause casualties across the city. This bizarre string of seemingly random, unconnected catastrophes threaten to bring the whole construction industry down. Fingers are pointed as Batman must somehow solve the problem and find whoever is behind it all.

About the Author
Chip Kidd is a designer/writer in New York City. His book cover designs for Alfred A. Knopf, where he has worked nonstop since 1986, have helped create a revolution in the art of American book packaging. He is the recipient of the National Design Award for Communications, as well as the Use of Photography in Design award from the International Center of Photography. Kidd has published two novels, "The Cheese Monkeys" and "The Learners", and is also the author of "Batman: Death By Design" and the coauthor and designer of "True Prep", the sequel to the beloved "Official Preppy Handbook". His 2012 TED Talk has been viewed 1.2 million times and is cited as one of the funniest of the year. He is most recently the author of the bestselling GO: A Kidd s Guide To Graphic Design".

Dave Taylor is a popular writer, teacher and speaker of business and technology issues. The founder of The Internet Mall and, he's been involved with UNIX and the Internet since 1980, having created the popular Elm Mail System. He's also been a Mac fan since the year it was released. Once a Research Scientist at HP Laboratories and Senior Reviews Editor of SunWorld magazine, Taylor has contributed software to the official 4.4 release of Berkeley Unix (BSD). His programs are found in all versions of Linux and other popular Unix variants.

Praise For Death by Design

"...a fantastic period piece about architecture, politics, and murder."—Publishers Weekly

"...crisp, clean style that is both awe-inspiring and regal."—IGN