Schooled Cover


By Anisha Lakhani

Hyperion Books, Paperback, 9781401309961, 345pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2009

Welcome to Schooled, where even homework has a price. Ivy-League educated Anna Taggert believes that enriching the minds of America's youth is the greatest gift, and that landing a job at an elite Manhattan school is her lucky break. But when the grim reality of the private school hierarchy settles in, not to mention that of her meager compensation, Anna realizes that passion might not be worth the sacrifice. Ever the optimist, Anna forges on until she discovers that the papers she grades are not the work of her students, but of their high-priced, college-educated tutors. After uncovering this underground economy, where a teacher can make the same hourly rate as a Manhattan attorney, Anna is seduced by lucrative offers--one after another. Teacher by day, tutor by night, she starts to sample the good life her students enjoy: binges at Barneys, dinners at the Waverly Inn, and a new address on Madison Avenue. Until, that is, Anna gets schooled.

Praise For Schooled

"Schooled is witty, entertaining, and altogether tantalizing."—Town & Country

"Schooled isn't only a novel: It is a piece of sociology."—Wall Street Journal

"You won't be able to put it down."—