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Irreplaceable Cover


By Stephen Lovely

Hachette Books, Paperback, 9781401341213, 352pp.

Publication Date: February 9, 2010

Some things are impossible to replace . . . Alex Voormann, an intense, cerebral thirty-year-old archaeologist, is married to the woman of his dreams--an intelligent, ambitious botanist named Isabel. When Isabel is killed by a reckless driver, Alex reluctantly agrees to donate her heart. Janet Corcoran, a young mother of two and an art teacher at an inner-city school in Chicago, is sick with heart disease. She is on the waiting list for a transplant, but her chances are slim. She watches the Weather Channel, secretly praying for foul weather and car crashes. The day Isabel dies, Janet gets her wish. So begins this extraordinary story about two families whose lives intersect forever in the aftermath of a tragic accident.

About the Author
Stephen Lovely is the Director of the Iowa Young Writer's Studio and a graduate of Iowa Writers' Workshop. He lives in Iowa City with his girlfriend, a photographer. They have 3 dogs and 3 cats. Stephen enjoys reading, gardening, opera, and--for some reason he's at a loss to explain--football.

Praise For Irreplaceable

"Truly unique. [Lovely's] writing is thoughtful and keeps you plowing ahead to find out what else can come of a widower's grief and a mother's desperation. An utterly convincing portrait of people who have lost the person they love most in the world. It is a touching story."
-Associated Press

"Irreplaceable is tender and dear. It explores the mystery and vagaries of life, with such gentle understanding of the way things can fall apart in an instant and, just as suddenly, come together. Stephen Lovely knows the human heart."
-Luanne Rice, author of Last Kiss

"Vividly realizes the casualties and rebirths that occur when an organ is donated after a fatal accident. Lovely explores the nature of grief and guilt, salvation and healing."
-The Columbus Dispatch