Take 2

Take 2 Cover

Take 2

Your Guide to Creating Happy Endings and New Beginnings

By Leeza Gibbons

Hay House, Hardcover, 9781401939816, 304pp.

Publication Date: February 5, 2013


If life is an epic saga, who is writing your narrative? Is the plot unfolding as you imagined? Whether you find yourself trudging along in boredom or caught up in a chaotic whirlwind of overcommitment, you can still take creative control and declare that it’s Your Life, Your Rules. This is a book about rebooting your story at any point. It’s about starting over; taking inventory; and getting smarter, stronger, and sexier with no apologies, no regrets, and no turning back.

As Leeza Gibbons explains, “I took control of my journey while in the glare of the spotlight. Now, I’m sharing the life lessons from my ‘grits to glitz’ path as a wife and mother, caregiver, businesswoman, TV entertainment host, product mogul, kisser of boo-boos, and encourager of dreams. Of course, I have many more roles, just as you do, but I want to approach them all in the same way: fearlessly and without limits. I’ll hold up the mirror so that you can see who you really are; knowing that it's the plot twists and turns in your story that makes it powerful.

This is your life, and you’re about to set out on the path to rewriting your story by reclaiming your power.

About the Author
Leeza Gibbons is an Emmy Award-winning TV and radio host, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author. She has appeared on Entertainment Tonight and PBS, and had her own award-winning daytime talk show, Leeza. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and has three children, Leski, Troy, and Nate.

Praise For Take 2

On your journey from transition to transformation, you'll want to bring Take 2 with you."

- Maria Shriver

"Nothing changes unless something changes and as WE ALL KNOW, change is inevitable no matter how much we cling to the sameness of our lives. Leeza, once again, is a guide, light on her helmet, map in hand, ahead of us as we navigate this thing called LIFE. I, for one, am so glad she is there and that she has written this helpful, healing guide book."

- Jamie Lee Curtis

"I know Leeza is a master of starting over because I've seen her do it! In this book, she takes her real life experiences in career, life and love and shares her wisdom as a girlfriend who really cares."

- Olivia Newton-John

"Sometimes my life feels overwhelming because I take on too much. Read this book and help yourself prioritize without guilt!"

- Kristin Chenoweth

"Since we both work in the entertainment industry, we know how hard it is to stay at the top of your game, but Leeza has managed it for decades. Now we get to see her personal strategy. If you want to restart your life for any reason, let Leeza and her book Take 2 be your guide."

– Giuliana and Bill Rancic

"Leeza is a great positive thinker and manages to make that quality contagious."

- Betty White

“I’ve known Leeza forever, but not until I read this book did I understand how she did it!! Warm, insightful, inspiring and real, she will make you want to step up to the starting line in your life!”

- Florence Henderson

"If there is a Queen of Reinvention, Leeza takes the crown. This book should be required reading for anyone who is on a path of change."

- Maria Menounous

"Leeza Gibbons inspired me career-wise, and now she is inspiring me in a whole other way with her book, Take 2! I've known Leeza for a long time and her words are ones you'll want to keep nearby. Her positivity shines through with something helpful to read and re-read on every page!"

- Nancy O'Dell