Shooting Star of the Shawnee

By Dwight Jon Zimmerman

Sterling, Hardcover, 9781402768477, 124pp.

Publication Date: October 2010


To white authorities in the newly independent United States, Tecumseh seemed like a different type of chief: defiant and determined to protect Indian rights. Not even the power of the government awed this fearless Shawnee leader. Young readers will be fascinated by the life story of this great warrior and orator who tried to unite all the tribes in a single, powerful confederacy.

About the Author
DWIGHT JON ZIMMERMAN has written extensively on military-history subjects for "American Heritage", the "Naval Institute Press", "Vietnam Magazine", and numerous military-themed publications. His books include "The Hammer and the Anvil "and" The Vietnam War: A Graphic History". He lives in Brooklyn, New York.