Eccentric Glamour

Eccentric Glamour

Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You

By Simon Doonan; Roxanne Lowit (Photographer)

Simon & Schuster, Paperback, 9781416535447, 268pp.

Publication Date: April 2009

Glamorous eccentrics are irresistible people. They are irreverent, occasionally impertinent, a tad mysterious, charming, often self-invented, good at applying eyeliner, and above all nonconformist. They are a fabulous confection of style, self-empowerment, and black patent sling backs. Everyone wants to be one, but how? Ubiquitous style guru Simon Doonan has the answer.
By no means a typical how-to manual, "Eccentric Glamour" is a mixture of cultural commentary and personal disclosure, generously seasoned with gushings of wildly dictatorial, provocative, and reckless style advice. Through cautionary tales and inspirational examples, Doonan shows how to develop your own brand of eccentric glamour -- by magnifying everything that is already unique and idiosyncratic about you.
In these comic essays, interspersed with one-on-one interviews with some of the world's most glamorous eccentrics (including Iman, Lucy Liu, Tilda Swinton, Malcolm Gladwell, and many more), Simon Doonan offers the women of America an alternative to the cheapness and tackiness that currently pass for personal style. "Eccentric Glamour" is intended as an antidote to the epidemic of slutty dressing and porno-chic that has taken over since the arrival of Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith (may she rest in peace). While the typical TV boobs 'n' Botox makeovers force every woman to look the same, the transformations this book strives to inspire are the very opposite. Dressing like a ho is not just bad taste but boring In Simon Doonan's book, conformity is the only crime and dressing down the only faux pas.
Eccentric Glamour is every woman's birthright. SO SAY NO TO HO ...and yes to ECCENTRIC GLAMOUR.

About the Author
Simon Doonan is the bestselling author of "Wacky Chicks" and "Confessions of a Window Dresser." In addition to his role as creative director of Barneys New York, Simon writes the "Simon Says" column for "The New York Observer." He frequently contributes observations and opinions to myriad other publications and television shows. He is a regular commentator on VH1, the Trio network, and "Full Frontal Fashion." He lives in New York City with his partner, Jonathan Adler, and his Norwich terrier, Liberace.

Roxanne Lowit is a New York-based fashion photographer who started taking pictures in the 1970s. Her photographs have appeared in many magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, V Magazine, and Glamour, and she has worked on numerous advertising campaigns for, among others, Dior, Barney s, and Vivian Westwood.