Grand Designs

Grand Designs

By Dave Galanter; Allyn Gibson; Kevin Killiany

Pocket Books, Paperback, 9781416544890, 634pp.

Publication Date: July 3, 2007


Corps of Engineers
These are the voyages of the "U.S.S. da Vinci." Their mission: to solve the problems of the galaxy, one disaster at a time. Starfleet veteran Captain David Gold, along with his crack Starfleet Corps of Engineers team lead by former "Starship Enterprise " engineer Commander Sonya Gomez, travel throughout the Federation and beyond to fix the unfixable, repair the irreparable, and solve the unsolvable.
Whether it's an artificial planetary ring that was damaged during the Dominion War, an out-of-control generation ship, a weapons inspection gone horribly wrong, shutting down a crashed probe, solving a centuries-old medical mystery, or clearing a sargasso sea of derelict ships, the S.C.E. is on the case
But the problems they face aren't just technical; Tev must confront the demons of his past, Lense must confront the demons of her present, Gold faces a crisis of leadership on his own ship, and Gomez must lead an away team into the middle of a brutal ground war. Plus the "da Vinci" crew must find a way to work with their Klingon counterparts in a deadly rescue mission.

About the Author
Dave Galanter has authored (or coauthored with collaborator Greg Brodeur) various "Star Trek" projects, including "Voyager: Battle Lines", the" Next Generation" duology "Maximum Warp", and The Original Series "novel Troublesome Minds", as well as numerous works of short "Star Trek" fiction.

KEVIN KILLIANY has been the husband of Valerie for nearly a third of a century and the father of Alethea, Anson, and Daya for various shorter periods of time. In addition to his Star Trek fiction (SCE Orphans" and Honor" as well as three short stories in Strange New Worlds"), Kevin has written for Doctor Who and several game universes, most notably BattleTech, Shadowrun, and Mechwarrior. His two science fiction novels, Wolf Hunters" and To Ride the Chimera" were published by Roc. When not writing Kevin has been an exceptional children's teacher, drill rig operator, high-risk intervention counselor, warehouse grunt, ESL teacher, photographer, mental health case manager, college instructor, and paperboy. Currently Kevin works in family preservation services, is an associate pastor of the Soul Saving Station, and manages to keep writing short stories while working on his first mystery novel. Kevin and Valerie live in Wilmington, North Carolina.