A Year on the Wing

A Year on the Wing Cover

A Year on the Wing

Journeys with Birds in Flight

By Tim Dee

Atria Books, Paperback, 9781416559344, 240pp.

Publication Date: October 12, 2010

Birds those upgiven ghosts who shape our skies and their many styles of flying have inspired us for centuries. Enthralled with birds since he was a young boy, Tim Dee describes their allure in compelling, poetic prose as he follows these magnificent creatures on land, at sea, and in the air over the course of a year. A memoir of the author's life as well as a stirring account of bird migrations and the enticements of flight, the book explores the ideas and feelings that birds awaken by their flying.
A Year on the Wing is also a significant chronicle of Dee's rich reading of a gorgeous literary and naturalist tradition about birds, and achieves a marvelous commingling of nature and language, finding meaning and a fascinating beauty in the quiver of a redstart's tail, in the thrilling skydiving stoop of the once-endangered now resurgent peregrine falcon, and the nocturnal restlessness of migrant woodcocks. Watching birds instills a renewed sense of wonder in us all, and this beautifully written memoir celebrates birds and the inspiration they give as it expands our horizons.

Praise For A Year on the Wing

Named Memoir of the Year in the UK Sunday Times

"Extraordinary, beautifully written account...conveys powerfully how birds are part of our lives...and offers a perfect balance of science, personal memoir, and emotional response." --Sunday Times

“Dee is a captivating writer—almost every sentence contains surprises and flourishes. A rich book by a skillful, contemplative wordsmith." --Library Journal