Ike and Dick

Ike and Dick Cover

Ike and Dick

Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage

By Jeffrey Frank

Simon & Schuster, Paperback, 9781416587217, 434pp.

Publication Date: November 5, 2013

An absorbing account of "the most intriguing--and dysfunctional--political marriage in history" ("The" "New York Times Book Review," front page review).
One of the most acclaimed political biographies of our time, Jeffrey Frank's "Ike and Dick" takes you inside the strained and complex relationship of two fascinating American leaders--hailed as "top-drawer as political history" (Russell Baker, "The New York Review of Books)" and "one of the best books ever written about Richard Nixon" (Thomas Mallon, "The New Yorker").
For nearly twenty years, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon shared a political and private association that deeply affected both men and their turbulent era. In a work of "compelling can't-put-it-down history" (Joe Klein, "Time" columnist) filled with "marvelously cringe-inducing anecdotes" ("The Wall Street Journal"), Frank reveals sides of the two that you've never seen. He offers fresh views of the striving, uneasy young Nixon and of Eisenhower, the legendary commander in failing health, far more comfortable with international affairs than with problems besetting the United States. Behind the scenes and beyond the headlines, "Ike and Dick, "informed by deep archival research and dozens of interviews, provides a captivating look at the presidency and the nation. It will become essential reading for generations of Americans.

About the Author
Jeffrey Frank is a senior editor at the New Yorker and was formerly an editor at the Washington Post and the Washington Star. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Diana.