The Unscratchables

The Unscratchables Cover

The Unscratchables

By Cornelius Kane

Scribner Book Company, Paperback, 9781416596417, 259pp.

Publication Date: July 7, 2009

"Animal Farm "meets" The Simpsons "in this inventive twist" "on the hard-boiled detective novel, featuring a world made up exclusively of cats, dogs, and one ruthless fox...
Bullterrier Crusher McNashisa no-nonsense homicide detective who eats out of the can and only bathes when his boss orders him to. He's just been thrownaboneaboutagruesome case involving Rottweilers torn apart by a savage killer, and the only lead he's been able to sniff out is an impression of movement at the murder scene. Crusher suspects the killer is a cat, and there's nothing he hates more than the whole cream-lapping, wool-juggling, pajama-wearing, fence-sitting, bird-torturing, furball-coughing lot of them. But he ll have to start barking up a different tree if he wants help solving this case as his partner on this case is soymilk-drinking, pressed-suit- wearing Cassius Lap, an agent for the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation).
As this odd couple puts their paws together, their investiga- tion takes them from the bow- els of the Kennel into the tony streets of Kathattan. Soon, they begin to uncover a vast con- spiracy involving a cat who has been trained as a super-killer, capable of growing in size and ferocity and killing any dog who gets in his way and who may be working for a media baron fox. But they ll need to unravel the conspiracy, and quickly, if they want to stop the next killing before it's too late.
Witty and irresistibly entertaining, this genre- bending mystery boldly mixes human and animal sensibilities in an entertaining satire of our cur- rent society.

About the Author
Cornelius Kane is the pseudonym adopted for a well-known Australian author.