Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff

Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff

By Bart King

Gibbs Smith Publishers, Paperback, 9781423605744, 271pp.

Publication Date: December 2008

First he taught boys all about mischief and perfecting their shenanigans again a nemesis. Next it was how to play games-without the help of a video-game controller. Now Bart King introduces them to all the important stuff they need to know but adults don't want to tell them. From girls and cooties to flying gadgets and gross stuff, Bart explains it all.
Invaluable lessons include:
The magical powers of duct tape
How to "gluggle"-juggle underwater
The awesome art of making faces
Speaking like a pirate
And other cool stuff we can't even mention here
With its handy little size, Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff can go everywhere boys do.
Bart King is the author of The Big Book of Boy Stuff, The Big Book of Girl Stuff, The Pocket Guide to Mischief, and The Pocket Guide to Games. A longtime middle school teacher, Bart lives in Portland, Oregon, where he invents new sock designs and plays in a kazoo jazz quartet.

About the Author
Bart King writes funny--and educational!--books for kids and immature adults. (His title The Big Book of Boy Stuff was once Amazon.com's top-selling children's book.) As a young lad, Bart discovered he could punch people into outer space. Sadly, he lost a lot of friends that way. Today, Bart is recognized as one of the world's leading superhero experts. (And as a longtime middle school teacher, he is also highly sought after by supervillains!)