National Geographic Birding Essentials

National Geographic Birding Essentials

All the Tools, Techniques, and Tips You Need to Begin and Become a Better Birder

By Jonathan Alderfer; Jon L. Dunn

National Geographic Society, Paperback, 9781426201356, 224pp.

Publication Date: October 30, 2007

Birding is the fastest growing wildlife-related outdoor activity in the U.S., with at least a million new birders a year estimated to join an already robust group some 80 million strong. For these beginning and intermediate enthusiasts, "National Geographic Birding Essentials" is a must. Comprehensive and authoritative, yet engaging and user-friendly, it teaches readers how to begin and improve their birding... what to look and listen for... and how to make sense of what they see and hear. A unique visual component shows actual field guide pages and how to read them, while another compares the same bird in photography versus artwork and explains how to use both for species identification. National Geographic's quality photography is a major highlight of the book, supplemented by pencil drawings and full-color maps to give the novice and intermediate birder a full range of visual information.
Field Ornithologists Jonathan Alderfer and Jon Dunn have crafted a masterful guide, striking just the right balance of practical information and reader-friendly tone. Chapters discuss the pleasures of birding, equipment needed, how to read range maps, birds' physical features, how to identify birds, identification challenges, bird classification and suggested books and journals for building a fine birding library.
National Geographic has established a stellar reputation among birders with our blockbuster "Field Guide to the Birds of North America." The tradition continues as we serve an entry-level market that continually needs the helpful, up-to-the-minute information found in "National Geographic Birding Essentials.

About the Author
Jonathan Alderfer, chief consultant for the National Geographic Birding Program, is a respected field ornithologist and one of America's foremost birding artists.

Jon Dunn grew up in the Los Angeles area. Since 1977 Jon has been a leader for WINGS, leading bird watching tours worldwide. He has extensive knowledge of the identification and distribution of North American birds and has written and co-authored books and numerous papers on this subject. He is chief consultant to the National Geographic Society's Field Guide to the Birds of North America. He was co-author with Kimball Garrett of Birds of Southern California: Status and Distribution (1981), Peterson Field Guide to Warblers (1997), and Birds of the Los Angeles Region (2006). Jon is the host and writer for the Advanced Birding Video Series. Jon is a member of the California Bird Records Committee, the American Ornithologist's Union Committee on Classification and Nomenclature, and the American Birding Association Checklist Committee.