Faces of Africa

Faces of Africa Cover

Faces of Africa

Thirty Years of Photography

By Carol Beckwith; Angela Fisher

National Geographic Society, Hardcover, 9781426204241, 356pp.

Publication Date: January 6, 2009

Award-winning photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher present an unparalleled collection of 250 photographs, drawn from their work over thirty years, revealing an inclusive look at the people and cultures of Africa.
This astounding collection of rare and intimate photographs depicts a lifetime of events and experiences from birth and coming-of-age to marriage and death from every part of Africa. These varied cultural "faces" are expressed in the rolling eyes and flashing teeth of the Wodaabe charm dancers of Niger, the colorful beaded bodices of the Dinka of Sudan, the striking painted faces of the Karo of Ethiopia, and countless people beaded, draped in beautiful cloth, and veiled to honor a special moment in life.
With their unique eye for Africa and its inhabitants, Beckwith and Fisher have created a moving, personal tribute to some of the most beautiful people on Earth.

About the Author
Carol Beckwith has been cited by United Press International as "foremost among photographers who have recorded the cultures of Africa." She is the author of "Masai, Nomads of Niger, " and "African Ark."

Angela Fisher is the author of the internationally acclaimed "Africa Adorned, " and "African Ark, " co-authored with Beckwith.

Praise For Faces of Africa

"I was first riveted by their portraits of African women at a small gallery in London. Their photographs had such a powerful effect that I was driven to leave home and family to come and see it for myself." Africa News