Face to Face with Frogs

Face to Face with Frogs Cover

Face to Face with Frogs

By Mark W. Moffett

National Geographic Society, Hardcover, 9781426302053, 31pp.

Publication Date: February 12, 2008

You re two inches away from a poison dart frog. You re lying on the rainforest floor as she hops toward you, utterly fearless. This deadly "terribilis" frog has nothing to fear; "your" fear is that any accidental contact with your skin could mean death Let Mark W. Moffett, winner of the 2006 Lowell Thomas Medal for Exploration, show you around the diverse world of frogs. Get the expert view on our amphibian friends, from metamorphosis to diet, from habitat to distinctive features; and learn why we urgently need to foster a healthier planet for these sensitive creatures.

Praise For Face to Face with Frogs

"This book is gorgeous. I wish I was in it!" –Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report