Meerkat Madness

Meerkat Madness Cover

Meerkat Madness

By Ian Whybrow; Sam Hearn (Illustrator)

Barron's Educational Series, Paperback, 9781438003030, 205pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2013

" Meerkat Madness " is an uproarious mini-novel for kids in Barron's frantically funny, stupendously silly, and fun-filled "Awesome Animals" series. Kids will start laughing the moment they open this short, easy-to-read novel and they ll keep on turning the pages to find out which new tricks these hilarious Meerkats are getting ready to concoct next. Comical black-and-white cartoon-style illustrations appear on many pages to capture the story's zany spirit. All "Awesome Animals" novels are divided into chapters, so that boys and girls can put the books down when Mom calls them for dinner though kids will want to pick these stories up again as soon as they can

About the Author
Ian Whybrow s many popular successes range from picture books to novels for older children. Best known for his original humour, he always writes with adult readers as well as young ones in mind. He has a brilliant ear for voices, and takes pride in the fact that his work reads aloud very well. I loved being read to as a child, he says. And I loved the sense that my parents were enjoying it too. For me, that s the acid test for any book that there s something in it for everyone to enjoy.

Richard Hamilton and Sam Hearn are the creators of "Cal and the Amazing Anti-Gravity Machine". Sam Hearn divides his time between working as a bookseller at a bookstore in the United Kingdom and illustrating children's books. This is Sam's fourth book for Bloomsbury.