No Cheating, No Dying

No Cheating, No Dying Cover

No Cheating, No Dying

I Had a Good Marriage. Then I Tried to Make It Better.

By Elizabeth Weil

Scribner Book Company, Hardcover, 9781439168226, 177pp.

Publication Date: February 7, 2012

From a popular magazine writer comes a riveting blend of memoir and thinking person's self-improvement book about a happy marriage and the therapies, exercises, and investigations that might make it evenbetter or not.
Written with charm and wit, "No Cheating, No Dying"investigates one of the most universal human institutions--marriage. Elizabeth Weil and her husband Dan have two basic ground rules for their marriage: no cheating, no dying. For ten years it's worked fine, but Elizabeth started to wonder if it could be better.
Elizabeth Weil believes that youdon t get married in a white dress, in front of all your future in-laws and ex-boyfriends but gradually, over time, through all the road rage incidents and pre-colonoscopy enemas, good and bad dinners, and all the small moments you never expected to happen or much less endure. In this book, Weil examinesthe major universal marriage issues sex, money, mental health, in-laws, children through bravely recountingher ownhilarious, messy, and sometimes difficultrelationship. She seeks out the advice of financial planners, psychoanalysts, therapists, household management consultants, priests, rabbis, and the United States government. Woven into this funny andforthright narrativeisWeil's extensive research on marriage and marriage improvement. The result is an illuminating and entertainingread that is a fresh additionto the body of literature about marriage.

About the Author
Elizabeth Weil is a contributing writer for "The" "New York Times Magazine," a platform she frequently uses to explore the pressing issues in her life. She has also published numerous personal essays in "Vogue," "Real Simple," "Glamour," and other magazines.

No Cheating, No Dying


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