She Matters

A Life in Friendships

By Susanna Sonnenberg
(Scribner, Paperback, 9781439190609, 304pp.)

Publication Date: September 10, 2013

Other Editions of This Title: Hardcover, Hardcover

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THE BEST FRIEND WHO BROKE UP WITH YOU. The older girl at school you worshipped. The friend who betrayed you. The friend you betrayed. Companions in travel, in discovery, in motherhood, in grief; the mentor, the model, the rescuer, the guide, the little sister. These have been the friends in Susanna Sonnenberg’s life, women tender, dominant, and crucial.

Searing and superbly written, Sonnenberg’s She Matters: A Life in Friendships illuminates the friendships that have influenced, nourished, inspired, and haunted her—and sometimes torn her apart. Each has its own lessons that Sonnenberg seeks to understand. Her method is investigative and ruminative; her result, fearlessly observed portraits of friendships that will inspire all readers to consider the complexities of their own relationships. This electric book is testimony to the emotional bonds between women, whether shattered, shaky, or unbreakable.

About the Author

Susanna Sonnenberg is the author of Her Last Death. She lives in Montana with her family.

Praise For She Matters

eoeIn her stunning second memoir, a collection of linked essays, Sonnenberg finds universal truths in her experiences of female friendship.e
-Meredith Maran

eoeShe Matters is both a remembrance of vital friendships as well as a deeply absorbing portrait of the author herselfeThere are beautiful moments documented hereebut ultimately She Matters is a deeply affecting ode to the ones who got away.e
-Mythili Rao

eoeShe Matters lingers with you, inviting you to construct a patchwork quilt of your own life and salute the many women who helped you along the way.e
-Susan Chira

eoeSonnenberg is a gifted literary stylist with a stunning ability to write sentences that read like beautiful trapseShe Matters artfully reveals the depth and gravity of love between women as they make sense of the changing and often treacherous emotional and logistical terrain of their forward-moving lives.e
-Emily Rapp

eoeI read She Matters with such a keen sense of recognition, seeing myself (and my own mistakes and victories) repeated in so many forms through the female friendships of her own that Sonnenberg examines so eloquentlyeLike all of us, I want to do better. I think (hope) this book can help.e
-Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed

eoeI was dazzled by this wise and intimate memoir about female friendship. Sonnenberg writes incredible sentences: precise, musical, surprising and insightfuleSonnenberge(TM)s engrossing stories of the highs and lows of her various friendships with women, made me feel newly grateful for all the crucial and complex women in my own lifeeEveryone should read this book.e
-Karen Thompson Walker, author of The Age of Miracles

eoeSonnenberg, whoe(TM)s aware of her passions and ambivalences, and doesne(TM)t hide from them, made me think about what a friendship is, anywayeShee(TM)s written something that interests, exhausts, moves, perplexes, impresses and yes, matters.e
-Meg Wolitzer

eoeShe Matters is a dark and intriguing piece of writingerewardingeriche[Sonnenberge(TM)s] honesty has helped and will help me be more honest with myself within (and in regard to) friendships.e
-Mary Pols

eoeSusanna Sonnenberge(TM)s book reminds us how profoundly wee(TM)re affected by our friendshipse.Youe(TM)ll want to share this with, yes, a friend.e

eoeSonnenberg is a beautiful writereIn this gallery of friendships, the portrait of each woman is so well drawn we grasp their significance and savor the intimacy.e
-Sherryl Connelly

eoe[Sonnenberge(TM)s] vivid prose is confessional and preciseeSonnenberge(TM)s intensity might be rough on friendships, but it makes for charged storytelling.e
-Jenny Shank

eoeThese are the stories of real women. Sonnenberge(TM)s hard-core honesty, sharp detail and lovely prose make this a collection worth passing on to a friend.e
-Rochelle Olson

eoeSusanna Sonnenberge(TM)s She Matters is a cause for celebrationeThe booke(TM)s honesty, eloquence, laugh-out-loud humor, finely wrought prose and magnificent scope will keep readers eagerly turning the pageseFor readers who welcome a complex perspective beautifully rendered in writing, this book is not to be missed.e
-Kelly Blewett

eoeIt is one thing to talk about the value and importance of friendships between women and another thing entirely to offer up onee(TM)s own friendshipse"the successes, the failures, the warmth, and the wrongdoinge"by way of example and exploration To do the latter requires guts, candor, and a willingness to expose onee(TM)s own weaknesses and mistakes. Sonnenberg rises to the challenge beautifully and with remarkable grace in She Matters.e
-Rebecca Joines Schinsky

eoeSonnenberg brings her considerable talent, unflinching eye, and electrifying prose to the topic of female friendship.e

eoeRarely does someone write a book about friendship between women that women can relate to the way they can relate to Sonnenberge(TM)s She Matters.e

eoeWith heart-rending precision, Sonnenberg offers an eloquent narrative that not only exposes but embraces the fraught nature of women's relationships with each other.e

eoeSonnenberge(TM)s strikingly honest depictions of tumultuous female alliances and confessions about friendships are both moving and relatable; her depth of reflection and incandescent prose marks this exceptional memoir as a must-read to share among friends.e

"With remarkable candor, wit, and wisdom, Susanna Sonnenberg fearlessly examines her female friendships since childhood, brilliantly articulating the ways each sustained, sometimes devastated and ultimately defined her.She Matters: A Life in Friendshipsis a dazzling, poetic love letter to what women share, an unforgettable memoir you'll immediately want to pass along to friends."
-Kate Walbert, author of A Short History of Women

eoeShe Matters is so finely nuanced, so joyously serious, so wildly playfule"to live with it, page by page, is a deep pleasure. Sonnenberg is also so willing to push below the surface of what we call eoefriendshipe (a surface, alas, most of us are willing to exist upon). Near the end, when we encounter the phrase eoeA perfect thing from dread pain,e we recognize that is what we have in our handse"a perfect thing.e
-Nick Flynn, author of The Reenactments

eoeSonnenberg dances close to the fire on every page, unmasking female friendship as a liberating, dangerous and rigorous art. She Matters renders the messy self with gorgeous clarity. It's the truest, most human book Ie(TM)ve read all year - generous, hilarious, ecstatic and profound.e
-Carolyn Cooke, author of Daughters of the Revolution

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