Dan Gets a Minivan

Dan Gets a Minivan Cover

Dan Gets a Minivan

(Life at the Intersection of Dude and Dad)

By Dan Zevin

Scribner Book Company, Paperback, 9781451606478, 217pp.

Publication Date: May 14, 2013

A coming-of-middle-age tale told with warmth and wit that's like "Seinfeld" for the stay-at-home-dad set. Raise a sippy cup and cheer him on ("People").
A coming-of-middle-age tale told with warmth and wit, "Dan Gets a Minivan "provides the one thing every parent really needs: comic relief. Whether you re a dude, a dad, or someone who's married to either, fasten your seat belt and prepare to crack up.
The least hip citizen of Brooklyn, Dan Zevin has a working wife, two small children, a mother who visits each week to help, and an obese Labrador mutt who prefers to be driven rather than walked. How he got to this point is a bit of a blur. There was a wedding, and then there was a puppy. A home was purchased in New England. A wife was promoted and transferred to New York. A town house. A new baby boy. A new baby girl. A full-time dad was born. A prescription for Xanax was filled. Gray hairs appeared; gray hairs fell out. Six years passed in six seconds. And then came the minivan.

About the Author
Dan Zevin is a Thurber Prize-winning humorist. Two of his books, Dan Gets a Minivan and The Day I Turned Uncool, were optioned by Adam Sandler, and the latter is now being developed for NBC by Jeffrey Katzenberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Lauren Rogen. He has been an award-winning humor columnist for the New York Times, a comic commentator for NPR, and a contributor to print or digital editions of the The New Yorker, McSweeney;s Rolling Stone Salon, the L.A. Times, Real Simple, and Parents, among others.