Elf Girl

Elf Girl Cover

Elf Girl

By Rev Jen

Gallery Books, Paperback, 9781451631661, 278pp.

Publication Date: October 25, 2011

Meet Rev Jen. Patron saint of the uncool. Cheerleader for nonconformists, geeks, and oddballs the world over. From her tiny rent-controlled apartment on Manhattan's hip Lower East Side, she holds court over a wacky cast of friends and lovers with an unchecked candor that makes her impossible not to love. Zany and wry, Rev Jen will charm readers with these fun and irreverent true stories of her meteoric rise from art school misfit to neighborhood celebrity and all-around good-time gal. Whether she is dressing up as Doo-Doo, the hard-drinking Teletubby who's been expelled from Teletubbyland, or starring in her one-woman musical Rats, the shortest running show on Broadway, Jen's quirky humor and genuine heart make Elf Girl an anthem for misfits everywhere.

Praise For Elf Girl

"Rev Jen is a luminescent performer, artist, and writer, not to mention sex symbol…a beautiful outsider whose tales enlighten, titillate, and profoundly amuse." -- Jonathan Ames, author of The Extra Man and the creator of "Bored to Death"

“Reverend Jen is one of those amazingly good, if unlikely, things the universe throws up once in a blue fake-fur-covered moon. Her books are funny and perceptive and like nothing anybody else has written. Which actually might be a good thing, or the world would crumble under the weight of elf-ears and trolls and art.” - Neil Gaiman

“The libido. The audacity. Would that I were her.” - Janeane Garofalo

“Reverend Jen and Reverend Jen Jr. are two of my favorite people (a dog can be a person, I believe) in the Lower East Side. Rev. Jen is an inspiration to all, and her troll museum and monthly events keep our neighborhood chaotic and interesting.” - Moby