Star Trek

Star Trek

The Original Series: The Rings of Time

By Greg Cox

Star Trek, Mass Market Paperbound, 9781451655476, 384pp.

Publication Date: January 31, 2012

When a mining colony on an endangered moon is threatened, it's a race against time forthe "Enterprise" crew to find a solution in this original novel set in the universe of "Star Trek: The Original Series."
The U.S.S." Enterprise" responds to a distress call from a vital dilithium-mining colony in the Klondike system. The colony is located on Skagway, a moon orbiting Klondike-6, a gas giant not unlike Saturn. For unknown reasons, the planet's rings are coming apart, threatening the colony and its inhabitants. Kirk and his crew need to find a solution fast.There are more than 3,000 colonists, including hundreds of families, onSkagway, which is more than even the "Enterprise" can take on, and there are no other rescue ships or habitable planets anywhere in the vicinity.
Meanwhile, an approaching comet that may be the source of the crisis turns out to be a mysterious alien probe. Sensors indicate that the probe is incredibly old and running low on power. Suspecting that the probe may have something to do with the threat to Skagway, Kirk has the probe beamed aboard the "Enterprise." Suddenly after a blinding flash, Kirk suddenly finds himself floating in orbit above Saturn in our solar system, drifting in space wearing a twenty-first centuryNASA spacesuit. What just happened...?

About the Author
Greg Cox is the"New York Times"bestselling author of numerous"Star Trek"novels and short stories.He has also written the official movie novelizations of"Godzilla", "Man of Steel", "The Dark Knight Rises", "Daredevil", "Ghost Rider", and the first three"Underworld"movies, as well as books and stories based on such popular series as"Alias", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "CSI", "Farscape", "The 4400", "Leverage", "The Green Hornet", "The Phantom", "Roswell", "Star Trek", "Terminator", "Warehouse 13", "Xena: Warrior Princess", and"Zorro".He has received two Scribe Awards from the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. He lives in Oxford, Pennsylvania. Visit him at