The Hormone Cure

Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol

By Sara Gottfried; Christianne Northrup (Foreword by)
(Scribner, Hardcover, 9781451666946, 432pp.)

Publication Date: March 12, 2013

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ALL TOO OFTEN WOMEN ARE TOLD that feeling moody, asexual, tapped out, dried up, stressed out, and sleep deprived is just a part of being female. Or they’re led to believe that the answer can be found only at the bottom of a bottle of prescription pills. Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Harvard-educated physician and nationally recognized, board-certified gynecologist, refuses to accept that being a woman means feeling overwhelmed or that popping pills is the new normal. In The Hormone Cure, she shares the unique hormone-balancing program that she has used to help thousands of women reclaim wellness, verve, and optimal health.

Combining natural therapies with rigorous scientific testing and using an informative questionnaire to identify the common causes of hormonal imbalance, Dr. Gottfried provides an individualized plan in nonjudgmental and thoughtful language. Based on ten years’ study of cutting-edge medical research as a specialist in functional and integrative therapies, Dr. Gottfried’s three-tiered treatment strategy includes: •Supplements and targeted lifestyle changes that address underlying deficiencies

•Herbal therapies that restore balance and optimize your body’s natural function

• Bioidentical hormones— most available without a prescription

The Hormone Cure is a groundbreaking book that demonstrates how balancing your hormones can cure underlying health issues and result in restored sleep, greater energy, improved mood, easy weight loss, increased productivity, and many more benefits. Dr. Sara Gottfried’s The Hormone Cure will transform your life.

About the Author

Sara Gottfried, M.D., is a Harvard-educated physician and board-certified gynecologist who treats the root cause of problems, not just symptoms. A nationally-recognized yoga teacher, Gottfried teaches women how to balance their hormones naturally. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan magazines and in the award-winning film, YogaWoman.

Praise For The Hormone Cure

‚eoeThe Hormone Cure†is a breakthrough hormone guide‚e"entertaining, persuasive, hilarious.† I‚e(TM)ve not seen this content anywhere! Get to the root of your issues: low energy, fatigue, low sex drive, anxiety, weight gain.†This book is gold.‚e
-Marci Shimoff, author of Love for No Reason

‚eoeThe Hormone Cure is the playbook for your mojo, your mind, and your bootie. With every chapter I thought, "So THAT's how that works." I wanted to call every girlfriend and give them the goods on how to and always‚e
-Danielle LaPorte, author of The Fire Starter Sessions

‚eoeNever before have I read a book and shouted, ‚e~Oh my God, that‚e(TM)s ME!‚e(TM) Managing hormones is the most important issue of women my age. I don‚e(TM)t just want to read Sara Gottfried, I want her to be my doctor, my friend, and my sister.
-Ayelet Waldman, author of Red Hook Road and Bad Mother

‚eoeA cogent, hilarious, wise explanation about why women feel the way they do at different times in their cycles‚e"and sensible advice, too. Dr. Gottfried is Dr. Weil and Dr. Northrups‚e(TM)s love child‚e"part of the new conversation about hormones.‚e
-Adair Lara, author of Naked, Drunk, and Writing

‚eoeGottfried is a rare breed of physician who can discuss both progesterone replacement and the power of chanting. Her engaging and well-researched book offers women an excellent resource for the wild ride from peri to menopause.‚e
-Daphne Miller, MD, author of The Jungle Effect: Healthiest Diets from Around the World

‚eoeThis wonderful book transforms how we approach women‚e(TM)s health issues, and will help you understand how to achieve hormonal equilibrium if you suffer from fatigue, depression and other endocrine-based neuropsychiatric symptoms.‚e
-Jay Lombard, DO, author of Balance your Brain, Balance your Life

‚eoeIf I could recommend just one book to women about hormones and perimenopause, The Hormone Cure would be it. Dr. Sara Gottfried is a genius, compassionate and wise, not to mention a first-class writer. Read this book!‚e
-Jonny Bowden, Nutritionist and author of Living Low Carb

‚eoeDr. Sara is smart, she‚e(TM)s hip, and yet she‚e(TM)s pure Harvard! Learn how to make your hormones hum. Run, don‚e(TM)t walk, to buy this book‚e"for yourself and your friends. The life you save may be your own.‚e
-Hyla Cass, MD, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

‚eoeA magnificent book! Every woman needs to read it, and every doctor.‚e
-Louann Brizendine, MD, Author, The Female Brain and The Male Brain

‚eoeDon‚e(TM)t accept the hormonal hell of being tired, stressed, fat, never in the mood for sex. Dr. Gottfried gives you an effective, easy-to-follow plan to balance your hormones and become lean and energetic. Stop settling, reclaim your sexy!‚e
-JJ Virgin, author of Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy

‚eoeOccasionally a book comes along that‚e(TM)s perfect for its time-on topic, written with authority. Such is the book by Sara Gottfried, MD. It is a definitive integration of safe and effective approaches to the management of menopause.‚e
-Jeffrey Bland, PhD, author of The 20 Day Rejuvenation Diet Program

‚eoeThoughtful, poignant and devilishly irreverent, The Hormone Cure is the book you need for lasting health from head to toe. Dr. Sara turns your hormones into allies that create the life you want to live. Women, get this book!‚e
-Jamie Dougherty, Integrative Health Coach and Official Nutritionist/ Wellness Coach for Clif Bar

‚eoeHow many years did I suffer in hormone hell? If I only I had Sara's wisdom sooner. This book is going to help save the world‚e"because too many women's gifts are smothered by hormone imbalances, preventing us from doing our great work.‚e
-Jennifer Louden, author of The Life Organizer: A Woman‚e(TM)s Guide to a Mindful Year

‚eoeDr. Sara is bridging the chasm between the woman who wants to take action to feel better and the encapsulated medical body of knowledge. Dr. Sara†hunts the core issues women are wrestling with and answers the essential question:†'What the hell is wrong with me & what can I do about it?' †I am making this book required reading.‚e
-Ana T. Forrest, Founder of Forrest Yoga and author of Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body a

"Gottfried takes a comprehensive look at the most common physical and emotional ailments affecting women and explains why a hormone imbalance may be at their root. Her premise is simple: when a woman‚e(TM)s hormones are in sync, she‚e(TM)s a powerhouse, but when they‚e(TM)re out of whack, they wreak havoc on her body and mind. The book is both fun and an informative read [and]†Gottfried‚e(TM)s take on the female body is eye-opening and empowering."

"Gottfried, a beautiful Harvard Medical School graduate, board-certified gynecologist, and yoga teacher, looks like an advertisement for healthy living and convincingly pushes women to make lifestyle changes rather than immediately asking for conventional prescription drugs to treat problems such as depression. Most of her tips are solid and helpful...A valuable title."

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