Buddhaland Brooklyn

Buddhaland Brooklyn

By Richard C. Morais

Scribner Book Company, Paperback, 9781451669237, 256pp.

Publication Date: July 9, 2013

A vivid portrait of faith lost and found through the eyes of a Japanese Buddhist monk in America ("Shelf Awareness") as he makes his way from an isolated monastery in Japan to the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York.
Seido Oda spent his boyhood in a small mountainside village in rural Japan. When his parents hand him over to the monks at the nearby Buddhist monastery, he devotes himself to painting, poetry, and prayer and avoiding human contact. But his quiet life is unexpectedly upended when he is ordered by his superior to open a temple in Brooklyn.
New York is a shock to the introverted Oda, who now must lead a ragtag army of eccentrics who make up the local Buddhist community. After tragedy strikes, Oda finally realizes his own long-buried sadness and spiritual shortcomings. It is only with newly opened eyes that Oda comes to find in Brooklyn the home he has always sought.

About the Author
Richard C. Moraisis the editor of Penta", a Barron s website and quarterly magazine. An American raised in Switzerland, Morais has lived most of his life overseas, returning to the United States in 2003.He is the author of The Hundred-Foot Journey" and Buddhaland Brooklyn". He lives in New York City.