The Thinking Life

The Thinking Life Cover

The Thinking Life

How to Thrive in the Age of Distraction

By P. M. Forni; David Drummond (Narrated by)

Tantor Audio, MP3 CD, 9781452655123

Publication Date: November 28, 2011

P. M. Forni, founder of the Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins, isAmerica's civility expert.In his first two books, Choosing Civility and The Civility Solution, he taught people therules of civil behavior andways ofresponding to rudeness.Now, in The Thinking Life, helooks at the importance of thinking in our lives: how we do it, why we don't do enough of it, and why we need to do more of it. In twelve short chapters, he gives listeners aremedy for the Age of Distraction, an agefueled by theinternet, Blackberries, and cellphones, all ofwhichmake constant demands on our attention, diverting itfrom one thingtoanother.Aftersuggesting ways we can find time to think more, Forni shows us how we can improve our abilities of: AttentionReflectionIntrospectionSelf-controlPositive thinkingProactive thinkingEffective decision-making strategiesCreative thinkingProblem-solving strategiesJust as he did with civility, heputsthe importance of good thinkingfront and center in a bookas simple and as profound as his earlier works.

About the Author
P. M. Forni is an award-winning professor of Italian Literature at Johns Hopkins University and the author of "The Civility Solution" and other books.

David Drummond has been narrating audiobooks for a few years now and hopes one of these days to get it right. He much prefers dead authors and live audiences.

Praise For The Thinking Life

"A deft exploration that urges us to think before speaking." ---Kirkus Starred Review