After Everything

After Everything

By Suellen Dainty

Atria Books, Hardcover, 9781476771373, 305pp.

Publication Date: July 22, 2014

"It's never too late to make amends."
They ve been the best of friends for decades.
They ve seen everything marriage, divorce, success, and bankruptcy.
They think that there are no more surprises, that they ve learned all of life's lessons.
But they re wrong. They ve only just begun.
Recently divorced and seeking to find herself, Penny moves to a picturesque town in France, happy to live alone that is until she meets an irresistible American philosophy professor. Meanwhile, handsome bachelor Peter falls head over heels for the first time in his life with curvaceous, sexy, and fiercely independent Frieda; Tim and Angie face challenges in their childless, co-dependent marriage; and Jeremy, twice divorced and the most successful of them all, struggles with a destructive addiction.
At the heart of the story is Sandy, Penny's ex-husband and once an acclaimed songwriter. He realizes too late that he's taken his wife and two children for granted. His life is in disarray until a close call prompts him to attempt a reconciliation with his son and daughter.
This quest takes him from London to the noisy swarming streets of an Indian hill town, where his children are living. But before he can make amends with them, Sandy has to confront a secret tragedy that has haunted him, and his relationships, for decades.
Wonderfully wise and deeply engaging, "After Everything" is about the frailties and joys of friendship and family and the struggle of learning how to live in a changing world. In this heartwarming novel about midlife coming-of-age, some relationships blossom, others fade, but all reveal the ambivalent nature of the ties that bind us to each other.

About the Author
Suellen Dainty is the author of the novel "After Everything. "An Australian, she is a former writer for the "Sydney Morning Herald "and "The Australian "and worked for the ABC before moving to London more than 25 years ago to work for Sky News, where she was a producer and director of the original series of "The Book Show". She has studied Creative Writing at the University of Oxford and Bath Spa University. She lives in London. Find out more at