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Kp Inside

101 Letters to the People of Kaiser Permanente

By George C. Halvorson

Createspace, Paperback, 9781478113669

Publication Date: October 1, 2012

Since September 27, 2007, George Halvorson has personally written a weekly letter -- delivered each Friday to all employees -- celebrating achievements, successes, awards, and milestones of Kaiser Permanente. He has not missed a week. Topics have included Kaiser Permanente's leadership role in slashing HIV-AIDS mortality rates in half, reducing pressure ulcers by 60 percent, preventing the number of broken bones in senior citizens by more than 30 percent -- plus achieving recognition for health plan quality and service, electronic health records, research, environmental stewardship, employee diversity, and member satisfaction. These letters provide a unique and personal glimpse inside Kaiser Permanente, an organization that is both learning how to deliver the next generation of care, and teaching the world how to provide the very best patient-focused, electronically connected team care resulting in measurable and continuously improving medical outcomes. These are the exact letters that went to all members of the Kaiser Permanente care teams. Every single letter is a celebration. Enjoy the book. "This book tells a fascinating story of what it means to be a high-performing organization at the top of its game -- week in and week out." -- Stephen M. Shortell, PhD Dean, School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley "The letters are fun to read. They celebrate great achievements. They show what an organization based on a strong patient-centered physician culture, supported by state-of-the-art information technology well used, and by visionary leadership can do to improve health care." -- Alain Enthoven, PhD Eccles Professor of Public and Private Management (Emeritus) Knight Management Center Stanford University Graduate School of Business

About the Author
George C. Halvorson served as chairman and chief executive officer of Kaiser Permanente from 2002-2013. Kaiser Permanente is the nation's largest nonprofit health plan and hospital system, serving more than 9 million members and generating $55 billion in annual revenue. He is now Chairman and CEO of the Institute for InterGroup Understanding and also chairs the California First 5 Commission. The Institute works on issues of ethnic and racial conflict. The Commission works on creating optimal health and learning opportunities for the children of California under the age of five years. Halvorson was recently honored with the 2013 HISTalk Health Care IT Lifetime Achievement Award as well as America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award and National Action Network's inaugural Health Care Award. In 2012, he was the social media chair for the Global Health Policy Forum and was named No. 6 on Modern Healthcare's annual 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare list. Halvorson has written six health care reform guidebooks, including Ending Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Disparities in American Health Care, Health Care Will Not Reform Itself: A User's Guide to Refocusing and Reforming American Health Care, Health Care Reform Now!, Health Care Co-ops in Uganda, Strong Medicine, and Epidemic of Care. In 2012, he published KP Inside: 101 Letters to Us at Kaiser Permanente, which is a compilation of letters he has written to KP employees each week since September 27, 2007. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, Halvorson was president and chief executive officer of HealthPartners, headquartered in Minneapolis, for nearly 18 years. With more than 30 years of health care management experience, he has also held several senior management positions with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, and Health Accord International.