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World of the Weird

World of the Weird Cover

World of the Weird

By Tracey Turner

Firefly Books, Hardcover, 9781554074815, 144pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2009


Real-life phenomena and mind-boggling scientific adventures can often be really weird.

Comic relief is always welcome, especially when it's coupled with unusual trivia and obscure scientific facts. World of the Weird describes the wonderfully weird world we live in, from giant gurgling worms and deadly dragons to revolting science experiments.

Color-packed pages and real-life accounts make for a lively joyride through the universe of the weird, from baffling tales to amazing facts to the strangest of the strange.

  • What is it like to have an alien encounter?
  • Will it cause Alien Hand Syndrome?
  • Is extreme ironing a domestic chore gone wrong or a dangerous sport?
  • Just how far will scientists go and what disgusting things will they do to make a discovery?
  • Which country issued a road permit to a sofa?

All kinds of weird facts are covered, and there are weird activities, too, from the inane to the potentially perilous, such as:

  • Fool your body so that your mind isn't your own
  • Bring a dead plant back to life
  • Make your own ectoplasm
  • Grow your own stalactite
  • Grow a bacteria colony.

For all ages and all sensibilities, World of the Weird is an endless source of "did you know?" material to impress friends and family.

About the Author
Tracey Turner has written more than 20 books for children and adults. She lives in England.