50 Underwear Questions

50 Underwear Questions

A Bare-All History

By Tanya Lloyd Kyi; Ross Kinnaird (Illustrator)

Annick Press, Hardcover, 9781554513536, 116pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2011

Most of us take our underwear for granted, but throughout history our undies have revealed a lot about who we are (king or peasant), how we work (in fields or factories) or the shapes we value (manly calves or tiny waists). The third book in Annick's 50 Questions series tackles questions such as What's that smell? (Medieval Europeans thought bathing made you sick) and Did boxers arrive in the Nick of time? (When blue jean model Nick Kamen stepped out of his denims to reveal his boxers, sales of the underwear soared.) Underwear has played a role in ancient crusades, city sieges and even modern economic predictions. Obviously, it's time to uncover the facts about everything from loincloths and T-shirts to bloomers and lingerie. Young readers will laugh their pants off at the accompanying cartoons and get the bare, but fascinating, facts about the history of our unmentionables.

About the Author
Tanya Lloyd Kyi is a freelance graphic designer and writer. She grew up in Creston, British Columbia, but now lives in Vancouver.

ROSS KINNAIRD, is an internationally recognized illustrator who lives in Auckland. His best-known work is "Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?", winner of the Children s Choice Award at the 2003 New Zealand Post Children s Book Awards.