Night Sounds

Night Sounds Cover

Night Sounds

By Javier Sobrino; Emilio Urberuaga (Illustrator); Elisa Amado (Translator)

Groundwood Books, Hardcover, 9781554983322, 36pp.

Publication Date: March 26, 2013


When the moon comes up over the mountains, all the animals in the rain forest go to sleep. Butwhat’s that noise? And how can the animals make it stop?

Wuaaah, wuaaah, wuaaah.” The noise goes on and on. Cuddled up inside an abandoned box, someone is sobbing, and one by one, the animals try to comfort the little one. But with each offeringof a blanket, some fresh water, mango, and so onthe small creature settles only briefly before wailing once again. Finally, Tiger disappears and returns with the little elephant’s mother. Peace is restored, until”Wuu, wuu, wuuuuuu,” cries a child in a nearby village. This time, it is the baby elephant who solves the problem by yelling out, That child must have a kiss! Then we can all go back to sleep.”

Written and illustrated with very young children in mind, this book is perfect for bedtime. Children will be intrigued by the mystery of who is crying in the abandoned box and what he could be crying about, and they will be reassured when the little elephant’s mother returns just in time to give him a good night kiss. They will also be delighted by the surprise twist at the end, when a human child begins to cry just when the animals think their troubles are over for the night—and like the little elephant, readers will know exactly what the human child needs.

About the Author
Javier Sobrino was born in Asturias, Spain. He has been a primary school teacher since 1984 and has published more than fifteen books for children, twelve of them picture books. He lives in Tinas, Asturias, Spain. Emilio Urberuaga was born in Madrid. He has been one of Spain's leading illustrators since 1982, and he has had major exhibitions of his work. In 2011 he won the National Illustration Prize, given by Spain's Ministry of Culture. He lives in Madrid.