52 Weekend Makeovers

52 Weekend Makeovers

Easy Projects to Transform Your Home Inside Out

By Taunton Press; Taunton Press; Fine Homebuilding

Taunton Press, Hardcover, 9781561588633, 352pp.

Publication Date: February 6, 2007

DIY sells: from television shows to books, homeowners are looking for information on how to tackle improvement projects that will ultimately save money and add value.
52 Weekend Makeovers contains a full year of home improvement projects for homeowners who want to roll up their sleeves and transform their home in a weekend. Complete step-by-step instructions make the projects fool-proof, and design alternatives provide ideas for adapting the project to fit your style and budget.
Transform every room in your home without spending a lot of time or money. 52 Weekend Makeovers shows you how, with quick yet stylish projects that can be started--and finished--in a weekend. Fool-proof information means you go to the store once and complete the project right the first time. Design options accompanying each project allow homeowners to select different materials and finishes or to adjust dimensions and construction details so they can personalize the project to their space. An introductory section explains in detail which tools and materials are needed, how to plan out the project, and how to complete the project safely.

Projects include:
Adding an electrical outlet
Painting a room, including walls, ceilings, trim, door, and windows
Installing wainscot and molding
Painting kitchen cabinets and installing knobs and pulls
Replacing a sink and faucet
Tiling a bathroom floor
Adding shelves and bins to a garage wall
Installing a patio and low-voltage lights.

About the Author
These tips have been collected from articles and columns in Threads magazine. Threads provides in-depth sewing information and inspiration in an engaging, accessible format. Each issue is filled with creative ideas, technical expertise and resources to help readers improve their sewing skills and express their individual style.

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Praise For 52 Weekend Makeovers

Got a couple of free days? "52 Weekend Makeovers" has some suggestions for what to do with them. The book offers a year's worth of ideas for improving the inside and outside of your home - projects such as building a mantel, installing a wainscot, painting a room and tiling a floor. In fairness, some might take most do-it-yourselfers more than one weekend, but the instructions are simple enough that people without a great deal of home-improvement skill should be able to follow them. Included are some useful tidbits, such as information on helpful tools and warnings about what could go wrong. "--Akron Beacon Journal"