Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

By Gabrielle Burton; Burton Gabrielle

Dalkey Archive Press, Paperback, 9781564781673, 320pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 1999


Devoted to the pains and pleasures of being female, the Museum of the Revolution--with exhibits such as "The Menstrual Show" (performed in redface), "The Hard-to-Please Momma," and "The Litany of the Clothes"--is under siege. The City Fathers, frightened by its continual expansion, are out to destroy it once and for all. But the City Fathers haven't reckoned with the residents of Heartbreak Hotel, a way station for Museum tour guides on mandatory rest leave, including an ex-nun, an unhappy comic, an aging cheerleader, a bitter cop, an accomplished translator, and a very sensuous ex-car hop.

Fiercely funny, astonishingly inventive, "Heartbreak Hotel" maps both the familiar and the uncharted landscapes of women's lives.