Republican Gomorrah

Republican Gomorrah Cover

Republican Gomorrah

Inside the Movement That Shattered the Party

By Max Blumenthal

Nation Books, Paperback, 9781568584171, 420pp.

Publication Date: July 13, 2010


Republican Gomorrah is a bestiary of dysfunction from the dark heart of the Republican party. An instant bestseller, it exposes the extreme right wing forcesthe so-called teabaggers‚ÄĚthat have taken over the party and spearheaded grassroots protests against the Obama administration. It shows how these forces are the ones that establishment Republicanslike John McCain and Mitt Romneymust bow to if they have any hope of running for President. It reveals why Sarah Palin was the logical choice of a party in the control of theocrats.

Award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal explains how a culture of personal crisis and scandal has defined the radical right, transforming the character of the Republican Party for the next generation and setting the stage for the future of American politics.