The Dead Yard

The Dead Yard

A Story of Modern Jamaica

By Ian Thomson

Nation Books, Paperback, 9781568586564, 370pp.

Publication Date: March 29, 2011


Named the Dolman Travel Book of the Year, The Dead Yard paints an unforgettable portrait of modern Jamaica. Since independence, Jamaica has gradually become associated with twin images--a resort-style travel Eden for foreigners and a new kind of hell for Jamaicans, a society where gangs control the areas where most Jamaicans live and drug lords like Christopher Coke rule elites and the poor alike.

Ian Thomson's brave book explores a country of lost promise, where America's hunger for drugs fuels a dependent economy and shadowy politics. The lauded birthplace of reggae and Bob Marley, Jamaica is now sunk in corruption and hopelessness. A synthesis of vital history and unflinching reportage, The Dead Yard is "a fascinating account of a beautiful, treacherous country" (Irish Times).

About the Author
Ian Thomson is a journalist, translator of Italian fiction, and the author of "Primo Levi: A Life". He lives in London.