Murder in Belleville

Murder in Belleville Cover

Murder in Belleville

By Cara Black

Soho Crime, Paperback, 9781569472798, 368pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2003

Parisian P.I. Aimee Leduc finds herself involved with a secretive North African radical group the French government would rather she didn t investigate
When Ana's de Froissart calls private investigator Aimee begging for help, Aimee assumes her best friend's sister wants to hire her to do surveillance on her philandering husband again. Aimee's too busy right now to indulge her. But Ana's, a politician's wife with an unhappy marriage and a young daughter, insists Aimee must come, that she is in trouble and scared. Aimee tracks Ana's down just in time to see a car bomb explode, injuring Ana's and killing the woman she was with.
Aimee, who saw her father die in a car bomb five years earlier, is shaken by the attack, but manages to escort Ana's to safety. But Ana's can't explain what Aimee just witnessed. The dead woman, Ana's says, is Sylvie Coudray, her cheating husband's long-time mistress, but she has no idea who wanted her dead, and Ana's officially hires Aimee to investigate.
As she digs into Sylvie Coudray's murky past, Aimee finds that the dead woman may not be who Ana's thought she was. Her Belleville neighborhood, full of North African immigrants, may be hiding clues to who Sylvie really was. As a prominent Algerian rights activist stages a hunger protest against new immigration laws, Aimee begins to wonder whether Sylvie's death was an act of terrorism, and who else may be at risk. To make matters worse, Yves, Aimee's ex-boyfriend, a journalist who seems to appear in and disappear from Aimee's life without any regard for her feelings, is back in town. Just the kind of distraction she "doesn't "need right now.

About the Author
Cara Black is the author of sixteen books in the"New York Times"bestselling Aimee Leduc series. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and visits Paris frequently."