Kenya's Song

Kenya's Song Cover

Kenya's Song

By Linda Trice; Pamela Johnson (Illustrator)

Charlesbridge Publishing, Hardcover, 9781570918469, 32pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2013

Kenya's homework is to pick her favorite song and share it with her class. Sounds simple, but for Kenya, it's anything but. With all that beautiful music in the world, how can she possibly choose? Her family and friends try to help by offering their favorite songs as choices, but it's no help to Kenya. While those around her have made some great suggestions, Kenya has a hard time calling any one of them her favorite.
For inspiration, Kenya accompanies her father to the Caribbean Cultural Center where he plays music. Kenya hears music from Cuba and Trinidad, Haiti and Puerto Rico. She hears music in all different languages French, English, Spanish. But still, Kenya can t decide which song she likes best. Finally, Kenya makes her decision one that will surprise readers while inspiring them to listen to the world around them.

About the Author
Linda Trice is an author, professor, and professional speaker. Her books include KENYA'S WORD and CHARLES DREW: PIONEER OF BLOOD PLASMA. Linda lives in the Bronx, New York.