Coffee Lovers' Bible

Coffee Lovers' Bible Cover

Coffee Lovers' Bible

Ode to the Divine Brew in Food, Fact & Fancy

By Jill Yates

Clear Light Publishing, Paperback, 9781574160147, 201pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 1998

Coffee Lovers' Bible invites you to join in. It gives you all the tips you need to master the fine art of selecting and brewing, to find your way through arabica and robusta beans, and distinguish a French brew from a Middle Eastern. It offers a generous sample of coffee facts, lore, and trivia to share over your favorite brew, and 101 recipes for everything from drinkables to desserts to savory chicken dishes. Try recipes with liqueurs to create Kahlua Toreador, Cafe Brule, or Irish Cappuccino. Refresh yourself with Creole Coffee Ice Cream Punch or a Cool Caffeine Smoothie. Trip out on desserts to die for -- such as Chocolate Truffle Gateau, Agnes's Mocha Velvet Pie, or Six-Layer Toffee Torte. Surprise your friends with a subtle coffee sauce in a main dish they will never forget.

A great little gift for your favorite coffee lover, or for the gourmet shelf in your own kitchen.

About the Author

Jill Yates, "a graduate of Portland State University, has worked in area and event marketing, where she has written professionally for nearly twenty years. An avid tea drinker, Ms. Yates is also the author of "Coffee Lover s Bible. "