The Tao of Equus

The Tao of Equus

A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation Through the Way of the Horse

By Linda Kohanov

New World Library, Hardcover, 9781577311829, 384pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2001


The Tao of Equus considers the mystical nature of horses and the magical connection between horses and humans. Equine therapist Linda Kohanov tells of an extraordinary spiritual awakening she experienced with her black mare, Rasa. This incident led her to investigate the apparent metaphysical as well as scientific aspects of the human-horse bond. Using neurological research, cultural history, mythology, and firsthand anecdotes from years of teaching and facilitating equine therapy, Kohanov examines the profound communion that people, and women in particular, often experience with horses. Some of the areas Kohanov explores are how the equine mind compares with the human mind, and what horses can teach humanity.